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Again, if you are not going against the well-established truth that texting while driving is too dangerous, it is better to go with a more specific stance, e.g. Statistics works like a charm in persuasive writing – what can better illustrate your point than cold hard facts?There are some astonishing stats in the texting while driving area, and you should dig to unravel them.

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And, of course, texting while driving is always a painful issue, so there is a good chance you’ll be assigned a texting while driving essay at one point or another. Even though it seems that there is nothing much to say about this phenomenon (Texting while driving is bad.

Period.), with some digging you will be able to produce arguments that will work well in your paper.

It basically translates to if any activity is being conducted that takes the drivers attention away from the road, that is a classification of distracted driving. Visual distractions are when you take your eyes of the road.

Examples of distracted driving include but are not limited to, texting, using a cell phone, taking a selfie, using a hand held device, adjusting the radio or music system, watching a video or going through pictures, adjusting the navigation system, reading, talking to passengers and doing ones hair or makeup even (Distraction. Some of these examples might sound ridiculous, but they all do contribute to distracted driving in one-way shape or form. Manual distractions are when you take your hands of the wheel. Distracted driving is so dangerous because it not only affects the driver, but the passengers and the innocent bystanders as well.

The main (or even only) focus of any persuasive paper is on producing arguments that are solid enough to support your point of view.

Even if your reader, whoever it will be, doesn’t’ agree with you, they will be impressed by the depth of your thinking.

To write a persuasive essay about texting while driving you will need to do two kinds of preparations: review the instructions on writing a persuasive essay and then make sure you are knowledgeable of the topic. A persuasive paper is a paper where you have to formulate a certain point of view and then produce all the necessary arguments to convince your reader to share your point of view.

In their simplest form, persuasive essays are for and against essays, so you could take a stand for or against something related to texting while driving – e.g.

Rules to follow and techniques to use in building your argument Follow these general recommendations to guide your efforts: The benefit of writing a persuasive essay about texting while driving is that it’s a quite urgent issue and a debatable one at that.

There are people who think they should be allowed to do whatever they want while driving and there are apparent dangers to that.


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