Essay On Memory Techniques

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I know I’ve been using a lot of German examples here.

If you’re into the language, you might want to check out a discussion I had with a friend.

I would go from the top to bottom myself, but go with whatever works for you.

The point is to move in a linear progression without skipping shelves.

I see this image big, bright and colorful in my mind and the action of forcing the bag into the urn is very exaggerated. One shelf down, I place “anbahnen.” This word has a somewhat similar meaning, in that it indicates initiating something.

This move is tricky, because it’s more conceptual than concrete, but the first thing that comes to mind is Annikin Skywalker feverishly “initiating” the launch of a peacock into outer space, its mouth filled with bon-bons.For the sake of this example, let’s say the bookcase has 10 shelves.Decide in advance if you will memorize from the top to the bottom, or the bottom to the top.It’s also good to have a key image connected with a “bridging figure.” With “an,” for example, you could have Annikin Skywalker, or Anne of Green Gables or anything concrete and visual that you associate with “an.” For more on visualization, the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass includes a course called “Visualization Mastery.” Now as it happens, I’ve just been working on a portion of my ‘A’ Memory Palace devoted to “an” words in German (or words that change meaning when “an” is added to them).One of my ‘A’ Memory Palace starts in a home my mother used to live in down a forest lane.But by now, I’ve got so many items, I’ve wandered out of the house and have made it halfway to town along a 30km road.For the purposes of this example, I’m going to place an imaginary bookcase right in front of the peacock farm (yes, there really is a peacock farm and you have to slow down when driving past it because it is part of a school zone).Now I see Annikin Skywalker kneeling before a bed, begging the peacock he first flirted with and then tried to launch into outer space to let him into the bed so he can get some rest after a long day of being a former hero who fell so badly from grace.And he is really begging in a larger-than-life way, tears and everything.But if I were sitting down for a memorization session and wanted to do a hundred, then I would want to have spent time in preparation for this.There’s nothing worse than being on a roll and then having to pause to build or identify the next station you want to use.


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