Essay On Humanity In Politics

For positive side, scholars argue that globalization of capital contributes positively to the universality of human rights as it permits a flow of capital to the most productive and resourceful business projects.

This trend is believed to boost profits, which make the economy grow, which mostly results in constructive social goals, such as higher employment levels that improves living standards, education become affordable, lower taxes, and larger capital expenses on people, in areas such as health care which play very significant role in improving human conditons.

These organizations are at the center of a great debate over the virtues and evils of globalization.

There are many convincing arguments both against and in favor of globalization.

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Though, many of these opportunities are formed in sweatshops and low payment jobs.

Nevertheless, they increase women participation in the economy, even if it is largely in the informal sector the potential demand of empowering women is increasing (Mae, Bayes et al. Furthermore, supporters of globalization argue that, “while the state is the agent charged with the protection and promotion of human rights, it is also traditionally the primary violator of those rights”.

Understanding this global village phenomenon allows scholars to look deeply on transnational integration and increased mobility has simultaneously strengthened the protection of individual rights and the dignity of individuals.

At its core globalization is the interrelationships, interconnection, and interdependence of all the countries of the world.


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