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The characters let the creators represent what they want to children more easily, and the children comprehend lessons more clearly.Cartoons use many new words kids might not have heard, and when children listen to the cartoons, they can learn faster and know how to express their feelings with better vocabulary.Combining learning and entertainment together for kids is an amazing influence on children (especially in today’s society).

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However, since there are many positive aspects, cartoons clearly have a good influence on kids.

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People should let children watch educational cartoons because they help children learn faster because kids enjoy them more than reading.

Some people think cartoons have a positive influence on children, but others think cartoons have negative influences.

Cartoons can also teach children that friendships are important.

In many cartoons, the characters always help each other when they have problems.Through progression in technology, cartoon developers have been able to upgrade their designs (respectively).However, the design aspects are created with maintaining and stimulating children's minds at all times.As you can see cartoons can be taken more in-depth when it comes to writing essay’s than one may think.While the entertainment factor will always play a major role (seeing that most content on TV and the internet today is not suitable for kids), there are more ways to look at cartoons than just “child’s play.” When you are writing the essay, look at it from your perspective from when you were a kid.Today we are going to share with you a few essay topics that you can use when writing about cartoons’ and how they influence children.Cartoon developers are becoming more than just entertainment; they are also integrating learning as well.When children watch different cartoons, they might imagine different themes and think about the imagined stories of different cartoons.Cartoons also use different vivid colors and shapes so children remember them better.If you look back at the cartoons created in the 90s and the cartoons now, you will notice that the designs of cartoons are always easy and fun.Easy in the sense details not being overly complicated.


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