Essay For The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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Under the framework of this There is more mystery in the character of Margaret Macomber compared to her husband Francis.Aside from the fact that he is an animal hunter, he also hunts the hearts of women he would meet in his working assignments.The latest victim of Wilson is Margot who is a beautiful wife of Francis.In connection, Margot shot her husband while fighting against a bull which caused the death of the latter.Essentially, we knew and understood that it was not truly an accident but a pre-meditated criminal act.Oak Park, Illinois is the place where Hemingway grew up and he was born in 1899 (Gale 3).He experienced many things in the woods of Michigan where his family lived and made his imagination tickle in that landscape and setting.Wilson seemed to like Francis ands interested in guiding him for his hunting adventures.Wilson seemed to be willing to help Francis hunt the lion and the bulls giving praises every time the latter shoots well to kill their prey.Her marriage to Francis was based on love, beauty and money.But there was no commitment in the marriage partnership of the couple.


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