Essay About My Parents Were Right

A couple years later, when I was around 16, three of the guys moved into a house together and decided to throw a huge house party and kegger.

I was the only under-ager from work invited and like any high schooler, I desperately wanted to go to the cool college party.

Soon after I got a year drop in diploma and the same set of frnds whom I doted on n termed as my "besties" insulted me for being a failure!

When I deactivated my Facebook account,uninstalled my whatsapp they din't even bothered about my existence.

But when the cops come, just run down the block to the Mc Donalds and I'll pick you up there.

You don't want your buddies to get caught selling beer to a minor." I laughed it off, mostly because I was just so exited about actually being able to go.

Thought I was loaded until I moved out and realised how expensive life is.

Back in college I was on the phone with my mom when I flushed a spider down the sink.

My sister is much, much older than me and tried every trick in the book in high school so there wasn't much I could get away with. The guys at work are throwing a party on Saturday and they invited me.

There was no chance of sneaking out or lying about going to so-and-so's. I know there will be drinking and I know they're much older, but these are my buddies and I think it would be really fun." Mom: "Sure, no problem.


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