Essay About Friendship Between Man And Woman

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This is not something external, friendship is deep in heart. You can not make yourself be a friend to someone, or vise versa make someone be your friend.Thirdly, friendship is based on certain grounds that are necessary for its appearing and preservation.

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It could be best friend essay, but I decided it would be better to give you general idea of what friendship is. Besides, understanding of what friendship is will help you to be a good friend, to make good loyal friends and keep your friendship strong.

So I hope this essay about friendship will be useful for you. Friendship and its features Friendship is close relationships based on mutual trust, affection, and common interests.

Friendship is a deep connection between people that means not only loyalty and mutual help, but also inner closeness, frankness, love.

In the Bible the concept of friendship is expressed with the Greek noun “philia” and the verb “phileo”, which is translated as “to hold dear” (someone).

Partially it deals with the issue of mutual help that we have talked about. Self-sacrifice means that a true friend appreciates friendship and other person’s life even more than his own.

So in extreme cases, when a friend’s life is in danger, other friend is ready to do everything possible to safe him / her.

This word means “warmness, closeness and affection”.

“Philia” is warm friendly (brotherly) love based on mutual respect. So we can see that friendship is a feeling, first of all, in particular friendly love.

All together these and other qualities form a strong, stable and integrated personality.

If man managed to become such a personality, you can always trust and rely on him / her, what is one of the most important signs of friendship. Help Whatever happens, a true friend just has come to the rescue of his friend and help in any possible way.


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