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Being carnivorous in nature, they feed on sea urchins, crabs, fishes, mussels and clams.

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It is believed each organism has some sort of importance in an ecosystem.

Interactions between organisms in an ecosystem are of much essence (Bernstein, 2001).

Philosophical views are mainly based on a human beings perspective (Bernstein, 2001). On the other hand, evolution tries to understand the adaptations of organism to the changing environment (Pierce, 2003).

It does not lay much emphasis on human beings as part of the evolving organisms (Bernstein, 2001).

Predation, symbiosis and parasitism are some of the relations put forward in both views.

However, a stark difference exists between the two.

Traditional religious view These recognize that man is part of the ecology.

It perceives man as being in charge of all other organisms.

Evolutionary views are also considered in explaining ecology.

All these views have some points of confluence as well as disparities.


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