Essay About Attitudes

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When students are working, they usually learn how to handle and manage various issues.These issues require various tactics of handling them and indicate the importance of education in the job market.

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This is usually found to have negative effects on his attitude towards education.

This is found to vary between various students and is based on the student’s long term objectives rather than the short term objectives (Moschetti 8).

In these countries due to lack of resources, the rates of illiteracy is usually high.

Most of the children engage in economic activities and quit school.

In undertaking their duties, the students may be placed to be in charge of other employees depending on his knowledge and skills.

Essay About Attitudes

This usually provides a good platform for the development of managerial skills.

The other employees usually provide them with guidance incase they are stuck in some issues.

Also they usually learn leadership from senior employees by checking on how they handle various challenging issues.

There are rules that govern its undertaking to ensure that it is availed to all and the implementation is smooth.

In most developing countries the parents usually pay the fees for their children with minimal or no assistance from the government.


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