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This post offers tips and suggestions on how to approach this big topic.Scroll down to find a handy poster for your classroom too.You might like to encourage students to look beyond the first few results.

The topic of researching and filtering information can be broken down in so many ways but I believe the best approach involves: 💡 While teaching researching skills is something that should be worked on throughout the year, I also like the idea of starting the year off strongly with a “Research Day” which is something 7th grade teacher Dan Gallagher wrote about.

Dan and his colleagues had their students spend a day rotating around different activities to learn more about research skills. If you teach young students you might be wondering what the best starting place is.

All of these above skills can be said to come under the term of information literacy, which tends to fall under a broader umbrella term of digital literacy.

Being literate in this way is an essential life skill.

There are a LOT of tips and tricks for Googling but I think it’s best to have students first master the basics of doing a proper Google search. I highly recommend you take a look at 20 Instant Google Searches your Students Need to Know by Eric Curts to learn about “instant searches”.

Med Kharbach has also shared a simple visual with 12 search tips which would be really handy once students master the basics too.To summarise their findings, search-engines like Kiddle can be useful but are not perfect.For younger children who need to be online but are far too young to be left to their own devices, and for parents and educators that want little ones to easily avoid age-inappropriate content, these search engines are quite a handy tool.The Google Search Education website is an amazing resource with lessons for beginner/intermediate/advanced plus slideshows and videos.It’s also home to the A Google A Day classroom challenges.Use some intuition to decide whether it seems reliable. right-click on the title and click “Open link in new tab” or press Control/Command and click the link).Once you click on a link and land on a site, how do you know if it offers the information you need?That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most useful or relevant sites for you.Point out the anatomy of a Google search result and ensure students know what all the components mean.Another possible starting point for researching with young students is avoiding a search engine altogether.Students could head straight to a site they’ve used before (or choose from a small number of teacher suggested sites).


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