Eating Disorders And Media Influence Essay

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Today’s vulnerable teen girls and adult women are constantly bombarded with online images of unreachable – and often downright absurd – physical ideals.Social media use is only one potential contributing factor to eating disorders.

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This means the vast majority of teens are regularly exposed to a variety of messages about body shape and size. A study from Israeli researchers found that the more time teen girls spent using Facebook, the higher their chances for developing a negative body image and an eating disorder.

There are several possible ways in which social media use influences a teen or young woman’s body image and eating behavior.

Just when you’d grown weary of hearing about everyone’s “thigh gap” obsession, there’s a new body trend causing anxiety for young women. The term describes the look created when a woman lies down and her bikini bottoms hang suspended between her hip bones, showing off her enviably flat – and usually concave – stomach.

Since early January, images of women with flaunting their bikini bridges have exploded across social media sites, causing concern that the trend will lead to severely disordered eating for some teen girls and young adult women.

Teen girls and young women post these images on their user accounts as well as share them with friends online.

The thinspiration trend has become worrisome enough that Pinterest has started posting a warning regarding eating disorders.

The bikini bridge, along with the thigh gap, is part of a social media trend called thinspiration.

This craze involves sharing photos of women who possess these so-called physical ideals.

Their bone structure and body type prevents many young females from reaching their social media-influenced goals in a healthy way.

: Any parent with a teen already understands that one of the challenges of social media is its ubiquitous presence – it’s always there, not to mention readily accessible via PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


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