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But if I were to choose the only one, I would write about Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick, or the Whale.The novel was written in 1851 and it is about a confrontation between a man and a whale.Also, there is an opinion that the lack of food culture leads to obesity.

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Experts define scaffolding as “a process through which a teacher adds support for students in order to enhance learning and aid in the mastery of task”(Iris Center, 2018).

Educators have developed a range of approaches to instructional scaffolding.

Noteworthy, this approach involves a number of strategies, including the fishbowl activity and think aloud techniques.

Another popular scaffolding approach is about giving students time to discuss what they have learned.

Obviously, the most commonly used one is the “show and tell” approach.

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In it, an instructor demonstrates to students what they are expected to do.Think of how impressive your resume would look with a few dozen of these papers in there to show you can construct a thought-provoking essay.The introduction is usually a single or half a page long summary of your paper.Captain Ahab, the protagonist, is chasing the white whale, because he had lost the leg to the animal.The captain wants to revenge Moby Dick, and no one can convince a raged man that his aspiration to kill the animal is pointless and may even lead to his own death.Each of these approaches has distinctive advantages, thereby requires in-depth examination.”Also, to polish your writing and come up with a quality expository essay, consider these simple tips that sum up years of experience in the field of academic writing. In case you don’t have any personal preferences or doubt whether your topic will be of interest to potential readers, consider some external search.Luckily enough, there are many sites suggesting topics for expository writing. Evidently any topic you select implies a variety of perspectives. ”(5) “Which point of view will they consider most appropriate/effective?The injured animal destroys the boat and kills all his pursuers. Researchers point out to genetics as a major precondition for obesity (Gillman & Kleinman, 2007).The only man left is Ishmael, a narrator who entered the whaling ship to satisfy the wanderlust.”“Obesity has become a common condition in the United States. There is ample evidence that offsprings of obese parents are likely to be obese compared to their peers whose parents are not overweight (Bouchard et al., 1990).Writing these types of essays is imperative for everyone, not just students.It helps direct your thoughts in a more constructive form, not only on paper but in your daily life as well.


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