Earth Essay Pakistan Quake

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India extended her hands for help of earthquake victims in Pakistan also.

A major earthquake shook Pakistan on Saturday, October 8, 2005, at a.m.

A violent earthquake shook the city of Bam, 1285 km southeast of Teheran in Iran at 5.28 a.m. The earthquake was of the magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale.

Its epicenter was outside Bam, about 1000 km southeast of Tehran.

And in three days, I am reopening my store.” His tenacity in the face of hardships echoes what a middle school teacher said earlier: “We are strong!

Earth Essay Pakistan Quake

”The two things that the survivors needed the most were medical care and tents. Qiu Zong-lang told his patients, “Take these pills with food twice a day.” He modified the dosage so that patients could take the medicine in the morning and evening to comply with the requirements of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.The team attended the daily joint briefings of the relief groups to coordinate their efforts and avoid duplicated distributions.“A tent used to cost 900 rupees [US]. It is not uncommon for distributors to call it a day when the line is still long.” Kadir’s predicament is representative of those experienced by other survivors there. Raja Arif Khan, secretary-general to the president of Pakistan-controlled but autonomous Kashmir, the Tzu Chi team focused its relief actions on the Jhelum River Valley because it was already reachable by outside vehicles and, more importantly, because the villages there were in urgent need of help.Now it costs 10,000 rupees [US6], if you are lucky enough to even get one,” complained 40-year old Kadir. There are close to a thousand villages and towns scattered throughout the mountains and valleys in Kashmir, far too many for the Tzu Chi team to cover.The heaviest damage occurred in the Muzaffarabad area of Kashmir.Some students had no sooner arrived at their schools than they were buried alive under collapsed buildings.The 15 delegates, from Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan, brought with them medicine and relief supplies.Their main mission was to seek out the wounded and offer free medical care, distribute blankets and tents, and help prepare the grounds for pitching tents for survivors.Females cover their heads to shield themselves from public view.Males are extremely protective of their female family members.More than 90 percent buildings in the city were demolished.The international community came to the rescue of the Iranian People and tents, blankets, canned food, bread, clothing and medicines were donated liberally by some countries and sent to affected area. Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan are badly hit by the killer quake raising the death toll to 80000 in Pakistan and more than 1500 in Batalik village of Jammu & Kashmir.


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