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As long as you stay inside, you’re guaranteed to be safe.In addition, while Dracula could theoretically drink animal blood, it seems to provide him very little actual nutrients.However, he MUST drink human blood if he wants to survive and thrive.

In addition, Dracula has power over other vampire and, if he wanted to create an entire army of evil vampires, he very well could.

As proven by his three brides, Dracula is totally capable of using his charisma to control others, without letting emotions such as “love” and “compassion” get in the way.

Even Bela Lugosi’s famed filmed portrayal, which set the image of Dracula in stone for many people, is largely based on what Stoker wrote down.

Lately, however, a new kind of vampire has appeared, in the form of Edward Cullen.

This ultra-attractiveness makes it easier to lure in prey, both human and animal.

Finally, unlike Dracula, Cullen can survive just fine on animal blood.While it’s established that human blood is the preferred drink of vampires, and Cullen’s instincts are constantly telling him to drink from humans such as Bella, there are plenty of “vegetarian” vampires who abstain from humans, and Cullen is one of them.This does not affect his health or powers in the least.While most popularly a bat, he can become a wolf, a dog, and even fog.The bat gives him the power of flight, and the fog allows him to slip into just about any nook and cranny imaginable.Though the idea of the vampire has existed since at least the 1700’s, it was 1897’s Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, which truly thrust the vampire into the realm of popular culture.Hundreds of movie, TV, comic book and video game adaptations followed, most of them not deviating too far from Stoker’s vision.Despite his reputation among critics as an emo pantywaist, Edward Cullen is actually a ridiculously powerful vampire.Cullen possesses most of Dracula’s powers as described above, but does not share his weaknesses.In addition, he cannot enter a home without the homeowner’s permission, even in fog form.In short, if you know Dracula is an evil bloodthirsty vampire, just lock yourself in a house and don’t let him in.


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