Donne And Marvell Essays

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Marvell has stood high for some years; his best poems are not very many, and not only must be well known, from the , but must also have been enjoyed by numerous readers.

Neither is as simple or as apprehensible as its name seems to imply, and the two are not in practice antithetical; both are conscious and cultivated, and the mind which cultivates one may cultivate the other.

The actual poetry, of Marvell, of Cowley, of Milton, and of others, is a blend in varying proportions.

251-263 It is my understanding that this work is in the public domain in the U. but perhaps not in other countries (particularly in the U. That is an act of piety, which is very different from the resurrection of a deceased reputation.

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But Donne would have been an individual at any time and place; Marvell's best verse is the product of European, that is to say Latin, culture.

Out of that high style developed from Marlowe through Jonson (for Shakespeare does not lend himself to these genealogies) the seventeenth century separated two qualities: wit and magniloquence.

His line on the statue of Charles II, 'It is such a King as no chisel can mend', may be set off against his criticism of the Great Rebellion: 'Men ... Marvell, therefore, more a man of the century than a Puritan, speaks more clearly and unequivocally with the voice of his literary age than does Milton.

This voice speaks out uncommonly strong in the ; it is in the savage austerity of Lucretius and the intense levity of Catullus.


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