Dissertation Random Sampling

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This is another example of cluster sampling; each town or county would be a naturally occurring cluster.

The idea that clusters should be naturally occurring means that you shouldn't need to artificially divide a population into groups.

In this case, you can use cluster sampling to collect information from the groups in the population.

If you wanted to get information about an entire state or county, but you don't have access to all the members all across the state, you can use the towns or counties that are geographically convenient to collect data.

Lulu knows that Donna is a member of an athletics club and the athletics students support Donna's campaign.

Dissertation Random Sampling

When conducting research and using cluster sampling, you must keep a few things in mind: Let's start with the rule that cluster random samples cannot have crossover.

Try it risk-free Cluster random sampling is one of many ways you can collect data.

Sometimes it can be confusing knowing which way is best.

This lesson explains cluster random sampling, how to use it, and the differences between cluster and stratified sampling. She has some key issues in her campaign, such as bullying in the school, the prom theme, and fixing the water fountains in the school.

Her campaign manager, Lulu, wants to collect information about how the students feel about the different issues in the campaign.


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