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The library also receives a microfilm copy that will be cataloged into the library collection. The Proquest publishing process can take up to 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

You will receive an email from Proquest when your dissertation or thesis is published in the databases.

If you are willing to get your dissertation or some parts of your dissertation published in a journal then the advice for you would be to first find a suitable journal.a) Go through the details and find out its requirements.

Most journal websites will have information of their publishing requirements like what kind of content they are looking for, the length of the paper, and other submission guidelines.b) Inquire if you can publish your whole dissertation or only some parts of it? For example, if they accept content related to your field of study, or if they only accept authors with previous publishing experience, etc.c) After going through the details submit your work and wait for their reply.

The “traditional” publishing option is free of cost.

If you choose additional options you can pay online with a credit card.

If you want to get your dissertation published then you have three options to choose from.

To get in-depth knowledge of all the three options, just keep reading below.1.

This online publishing service for digital dissertations and the bound dissertations oe thesis service in the library are separate programs.

Please contact the Dean's office (516-299-2764) concerning ordering print copies of a dissertation through the library.


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