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Neither single rights nor single liabilities are attributed to the company as a unified legal entity.However, for the needs of this report the company is positioned as a single company in order to avoid confusion and excessive complication of the empirical findings.The high possibility of the problem is generally attributed to the fact that the sphere of intellectual property and contiguous rights has evolved to be excessively complicated and almost any company action can be classified as a violation (Hollis, Ehbar, 2006).

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In this regard the findings precisely indicates that the company continues to remain among the unchallenged leaders of the market.

The only threat that can hypothetically inhibit the growth of this industry is the rise of internet based technology.

The only threat that can affect the company negatively is the unforeseen technological solution employed by the company competitors.

Provided that due measures are taken by the company management team, the problem can be effectively tackled and shall anticipated in beforehand.

The first important issue in this regard is the potential and existing copyright and other intellectual property violations.

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This issue is of dramatic practical importance for the company due to the fact that in accordance with the contemporary business rules copyright violation inevitably results in a lawsuit that in its turn culminates in impressive indemnification paid by the company to the aggrieved party.

As far as this very company is concerned it seems relevant to stress the fact that the nature of the violations is twofold.

In other words the violation can be perpetrated either by the Disney agents or by the competitors of the company against Disney and its assets.

The digital data files can be purchased by the customers in i Tunes store.

The company continues its growth and expansion irrespective of the global financial recession and decline in demand for the output produced by the company (Stewart, 2005).


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