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But this method, with food intake sometimes as low as 500 calories per day, had its consequences, as slow starvation, like diabetes, drained patients of their strength and energy, leaving them semi-invalids.

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With the help of James Collip insulin was purified, making it available for the successful treatment of diabetes.Macleod assigned him to Banting, and the 29-year-old surgeon and the 22-year-old assistant began their work together.A combination of timing and good luck enabled the Toronto researchers to be the first to announce the discovery of insulin.While investigating the effect of pancreatic secretions on the metabolism of fat, they performed a complete pancreatectomy on a laboratory dog, only to discover that the animal developed a disease indistinguishable from diabetes.Twenty years earlier a German medical student, Paul Langerhans, had discovered two systems of cells in the pancreas: the acini, which he knew produced the pancreatic digestive secretions, and another system whose function was unknown to him.Banting and his assistant, Charles Herbert Best (1899–1978), began their experiments in May 1921.Best, the American son of Canadian parents, had just finished his bachelor’s degree in physiology and biochemistry at the University of Toronto and had been hired as a research assistant to Macleod, his former teacher.Banting and Macleod earned a Nobel Prize for their work in 1923.At the turn of the 20th century a strict low-calorie, no-carbohydrate diet was the only effective treatment for diabetes.Banting served as a battalion medical officer in the Canadian Army Medical Corps; he returned to Toronto in 1919 after having been wounded in the arm by shrapnel.He trained as a surgeon at the Hospital of Sick Children in Toronto, then decided to open a small practice as a surgeon in London, Ontario.


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