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Brevity is always the best strategy; the essay should not extend beyond a page or two.

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After doing some research online I have found that teachers don’t get paid enough. If we were to raise the starting salary for teachers it could help get the teaching industry up and running again. Everyone should understand the difference that teachers make in the world.

Raising the pay will also make teaching a job that people will actually want.

Focus on conveying concepts in as compact a fashion as possible.

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Though it seems like the question, “Why do I deserve this scholarship?

” would be an easy one to answer, it can instead prove to be quite the challenge.(Washington Post) After looking at this picture you can see just how different the pay is between the two professions.There are a lot of things that lawyers and doctors don’t have to deal with that teachers do.This would be good because it would make teaching a more desired job which would lead to more teachers coming into this profession.Also teachers should get paid more for the extra work they put in outside of class for their students.How can you make yourself stand out amongst the sea of other applicants, being original, yet answering the question?Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay is the most commonly explored question in the scholarship essay, and it’s the thing that scholarship programs will ask, why do you deserve it?Doing all these concurrent activities has led me to develop a strong work ethic and a strong ability to prioritize, manage my time, and make sure that I always get my work done on time.But this isn’t wholly exceptional, what is moreso exceptional is that I’m always willing to go above and beyond to do the better job, not to get praise or to get a reward, but because you should approach everything in your life with the drive to exceed, work hard, do the right thing, so that when a difficult situation arises you’re ready and prepared. Because I think that my accomplishments, and my drive and perseverance to continue accomplishing, have and will lead me to success.As sighted on the NEA “Myths and Facts About Educator Pay” article teachers are often thought to have 7-8 hour work days just like their students but teachers spent hours outside of the classroom trying to grade work and come up with good ways to engage their students. ...g that teachers don’t paid for it coming in on Saturdays for extra help for the students.Another thing that school boards should consider is reimbursing teachers for money they spend on their class unless it is for a class party or something like that. The extra work that they do is something that they do just to help their students. The low pay that teachers are getting is a problem that needs to be acknowledged.


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