Descriptive Essay About A Relaxing Place

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On impulse, I reached down and sipped from the stream.The taste was a mixture of rosewater and chalybeate that thrilled the tongue. It was a place with an eldritch beauty all of its own. I remember that the water tasted like the nectar of the gods.

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The visage of the lake was veneer-clear and tranquil, flanked by an avenue of cedar trees.

There was feng-shui perfection to the scene, while the water was gilded with moonlight-pale lilies.

We decided to make our way to its decanter clear shore. Unruffled by wind or rain, it was vault still and restful.

Monastery quiet, it was lined with pine trees and the whiff of mint wafted up to us.

Describing a lake is made easy by using the examples below. Most of all, I remember how it felt to be young on that special day.

These examples are taken from ‘Writing with Stardust’, the ultimate descriptive guide for students, teachers, parents and lovers of English. LEVEL 4: ADVANCED PARAGRAPHS The lake was glimmering in the callow light of dawn.

I resolved to return one day to this halcyon paradise.

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Tolkein-esque ferns swayed beside a brook that spiralled down from a turf moor.

The water had a peaty texture, but pools of molten gold lay naked in the light.


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