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Arguments on both sides of the issue depend on differing definitions of the term "marriage." An argument against gay marriage could be framed as, "Marriage should be defined as union between a man and a woman." Conversely, an argument for gay marriage could be framed as, "Marriage should be defined as a union between two adults who love each other, regardless of their genders." Argument of definition essays are a popular genre in English 101 and English 102 college courses.

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In the definition essay, the main goal of introduction is to give your readers two definitions – “standard” one and thesis one.

Standard definition is the one you will find in the dictionary.

For example, some may argue that being ethical means never lying under any circumstances while other people might argue that lying in certain conditions is ethical, such as when it may save lives.

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What it means to be "ethical" is another topic of controversy.

An argument of definition paper could define "ethical" in a specific way.

Some of them have literal, definite meanings like table, pencil, or chair.

Some of them are abstract, like love, success, truth and depends on a person’s point of view.

Definition essay outline as usually consists of the traditional intro – body paragraphs – conclusion format.

There is a basic sample of how to do this: In the introduction, you have to let your readers know what this paper is going to be about.


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