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In the early publicity for the novel, Dan Brown made repeated assertions that, while the novel is a work of fiction, the historical information in it is all accurate and well-researched.

For example: Martin Savidge: When we talk about da Vinci and your book, how much is true and how much is fabricated in your storyline? All of the architecture, the art, the secret rituals, the history, all of that is true, the Gnostic gospels. all that is fiction, of course, is that there's a Harvard symbologist named Robert Langdon, and all of his action is fictionalized. Matt Lauer: How much of this is based on reality in terms of things that actually occurred? Obviously, there are—Robert Langdon is fictional, but all of the art, architecture, secret rituals, secret societies, all of that is historical fact.

Olson and Meisel quote Chicago archbishop Francis Cardinal George, who remarked, "Jesus isn't God but Mary Magdalene is a goddess? The authors also state that the Benjamites were not considered "rightful" heirs to the throne, and that the New Testament does not mention Mary Magdalene's tribal affiliation, and that she was likely not from the tribe of Benjamin, and that her connection with that tribe is traced to the 1982 book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which does not substantiate the idea.

Also, Pope Gregory I's teaching about Mary Magdalene, though popular throughout much of the Church's history, was never formally integrated into Catholic dogma; nor was he speaking ex cathedra at the time, so his speech is not seen as infallible.

The story claims the "Holy Grail" is not a chalice but a bloodline sprung from the marital union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Many textual and historical scholars have characterized this claim as being without evidence.

Women in the Gospels were usually identified with husbands or male relatives, especially if they shared their names with others.

For example, there are many mentions of women called "Mary", all designated differently (any possible identification with each other nonwithstanding).

A woman protesting against The Da Vinci Code film outside a movie theater in Culver City, California.

The TFP acronym in the banner stands for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.


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