Critical Thinking Model Nursing

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• Grand theory (e.g., Neuman’s Theory of Optimal Client System Stability) is next as the level of abstraction descends.

What this means in terms of nursing practice is that the way you think about people and about nursing has a direct effect on your approach with people, what questions you ask, how you process the information that is learned, and what nursing activities are included in your care.

Therefore, a model provides a perspective of the person for whom you are caring, specifies the focus for the delivery of care, and structures the reasoning, critical thinking, and decision making in your practice.

Debbie has been featured in each application chapter since the first edition of this text in 1997. Each student was asked to select a nursing framework and develop a plan of care for the same case (Mrs. Their presentations illustrated the similarities and differences in the focus and plan of care when thought and action were guided by a particular nursing framework.

This exercise led to important insights and understandings of the frameworks by the students.


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