Critical Thinking Argument Examples

This means that a proposition is distinct from other sentences that not either true or false, such as, questions, commands, and exclamations, All of the following are examples of propositions: "The U. holds presidential elections every four years." "Bob bought a new car." "Suzanne has the measles." "More than forty people are enrolled in this class." "An advanced form of life exists on the planet Mars." Each of these statements is a proposition because it is either true or false, or put differently, it has truth value.

With some investigation, one can determine the truth or falsity of each statement.

Rather, we will make a distinction between "mere opinion," that is a belief that is unsupported by reasons, and "reasoned judgment," which is supported by reasons.

We will try to improve our skills in developing arguments to support our own opinions, and in evaluating the arguments offered by others in support of their opinions.

For now, note that this proposition is NOT saying that both events (Andre comes to the party and Susan will stay at home.) will occur.

Rather it is making a single proposition about the relationship of the two parts, namely that if one thing happens the other will happen too. It's just his or her opinion." The statement above is one commonly made by students in a critical thinking class.

We will study valid and invalid forms of arguments, strong and weak arguments, causal arguments, analogical arguments, and arguments based on generalizations.

The significance of arguments to critical thinking makes it important for all of us to understand the term, and its relationship to some of the basic language of the critical thinking course.

Arguments consist of at least two claims -- statements that are true or false -- which are offered for a specific purpose, namely to convince or persuade a listener or reader.

Arguments are related to persuasion, the activities of convincing and of being convinced. Scarcely a day passes without someone trying to convince us of something.


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