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Handout 1: Active Reading – Mark up the Text Note: You will ping-pong between the two columns.When you find a quote you want to write down, you will write that quote in column one and then respond to it in column two. (Quote taken from page 10) _____________________________________________________________________________ Appealing to an Audience: How Publications Set a Tone with Content, Structure and Design Purpose: Understanding how journals and newspapers set a particular tone for their audiences.But I’ve said that phrase to my parents, sister, brother, ex-girlfriends, former classes I taught, pet bird, favorite book, etc. Sometimes it means “I want to get in your pants;” others it means “I commit my life to you,” or “you birthed me, that was pretty cool,” “I grew up with you and we are linked that way forever,” “you were the best classroom I‘ve taught,” “you whistle the Mardi Gras Mambo, that’s pretty cool.” What I’ve just done is made my language more specific to its audience and to the rhetorical situation.

After the presentations, discuss what the students learned and then, during the next class period, apply this knowledge to a course reading.

List of Article Types and Features ____________________________________________________________________ Sofa to 5k: Active Reading Purpose: This exercise demonstrates the relationship between active-reading and efficient-reading.

Then you will go back to reading, notice a new quote you want to write down in column one and respond in column two. For this assignment, I want you to choose at least two quotes per page. Description: This exercise asks students to analyze various features of publications.

When you have finished reading, answer these questions: Adler-Kassner, Linda. Homework assignment that turns into a discussion the next class period.

Often used when students are preparing for a feature article or remediation project.

Suggested Time: 20-50 minutes (depending on discussion time) Procedure: Give students the following homework assignment: Publication Analysis (2-3 typed, double-spaced pages) For this short assignment, you will identify what specific publication you are going to write your feature article for, and analyze the publication in four areas: Have students discuss what they found either in small groups, whole groups, or both.

Suggested Time: 2-3 class periods and outside of class work time Procedure: In groups of two or three, students choose one of the types of essays or essay features from the list at the bottom of the page and create a short presentation for the class.

(The list is by no means complete but is applicable to most of the texts students encounter in scholarly databases.) For the article types, students should explain Each group creates a Power Point or similar artifact that can be distributed to the rest of the class.

Description: This exercise provides one way for students to “eat” a poem, meaning to digest a meaning from a poem for themselves.

Basically, you’ll choose a contemporary poem and explain how to read a poem, then have students read according to that protocol. ” Perhaps you’ve thought this (I did when I was in college).


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