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It’s better to hone your skills on smaller projects first: think short stories if you’re a fiction-writer, or short articles or blog posts if you’re a non-fiction writer.These can be a great way to explore potential ideas and topics without committing to a book-length work straight away.

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Here’s an example: John locked the door before opening the letter. ” The word “door” appears four times in that paragraph, and there’s a danger of it having a slightly comic effect.

He could hear Sue moving around in the kitchen, just outside the door. Some words are fine to repeat as often as you like, however: little ones like “a”, “the”, “and”, “he”, “she and so on.

As he drew the letter from the envelope, there was a knock on the door. With character names, too, it’s best to just pick something to call them and stick with it.

So don’t try to remove repeated words – but do keep an eye out for words or phrases that you tend to over-use.

If you use the same word repeatedly within a short space of time, it can start to stand out for the reader and become a distraction from your writing.

This is particularly true of unusual words (I read a novel recently by an author with a particular liking for the word “stolid”).As a beginner, you’re in a great position to try out lots of different types of writing, without needing to commit to one in particular: no-one’s (yet! So have a go at a wide range of genres and styles – you might surprise yourself with what you enjoy.I never set out to be a freelancer (my writing dreams were all about being a novelist) … However young or old you are, writing can be so rewarding.For some writers, it’s a fun hobby and a creative outlet; for others, it’s a dream career.While I’m a huge fan of words, and love the sound of some more unusual ones ( is one of my favourites! I think that as a writer, it’s normally best to keep things simple.Even if, in school, you got extra marks for showing off your impressive vocabulary, readers frankly don’t care!Some writers think you should write every day: personally, I don’t think that’s very good advice.Maybe your weekdays are very busy, because you work long hours, but your weekends are clear.Or perhaps it’s the other way round: you have some time during the week while your kids are at school, but your weekends are packed with activities.It’s fine to set a writing schedule that suits you and your life …


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