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This is a bit high for an assessment, especially if an individual educator is paying for the entire thing. Even the most basic version is written for high school students, so the test is not appropriate for those under high school age.The test can be administered to a group or to an individual.

The test-retest reliability for the third section, basic interest scales, was also high at between .80 to .94.

Overall, the Strong Interest Inventory has very high reliability which makes it a very good test.

As far as administrative concerns for the Strong Interest Inventory, the test is reasonably low maintenance.

The test could take some significant time to complete, as there are over 300 items for the entire assessment.

Each of the three assessments analyze the same general theme of interest, personality and career choice.

I have analyzed each to determine the best interest inventory to use with my students.Information on validity was not discussed in Donnay & Borgen’s analysis of the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory.This does not help in determining the value or validity of this assessment, and must be taken into account when determining an appropriate assessment to use.In addition to the 2004 overhaul, the Occupational Scales received a more recent revision in 2012.New data gathered with the help of 21st century digital-age technology has allowed CPP to provide a more accurate representation of the general population’s interests.Further, there is a cost associated with completing the newest version of the Inventory, published in 2004.For 100 participants or less, the cost is .25 each based on the product catalog (CPP 2011).They were born from an overwhelming need for organization as the Strong Interest Inventory expanded to include exponentially more potential occupations for those taking the test.The structure of these themes also makes it easy to add other occupations as various updates occur to the Strong Interest Inventory.History Of The Strong Interest Inventory® Test The Strong Interest Inventory® Test is a psychological instrument that began its formation in the years following World War I through the work of E. The purpose of the Inventory was based around studying the occupational interests of men and women. Strong went on to publish the first version of the Inventory in 1927.


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