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Now here we are talking about children in a legal sense, why can’t minors that is kids between the ages of 13 and 17 have the legal right to marry? So if it is cute to infuse marriages with childish things then should we actually allow children to get married for real?Is it because she believes that relationship is based on sex and beauty or has he or she decided this because they know that marriage is the highest romantic reward, and the person they are marrying has character and values which are equivalent to their own.

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When you have to write a persuasive or argumentative essay, you want to use a controversial topic.

Both of these essay types work out best when you are using a controversial topic because they have clearly defined sides of the issues.

When we get mature we may find love that is based on respect, values, character and admiration but we never get that real feeling of our first big crush.

There is a sense of purity and marvel in first love, there is a certain feeling of promise, a belief that this world is a good place.

Should the fifteen year old be denied of marriage because of the age factor or should it be considered whether the fifteen year old has knowledge and understanding of what romance, marriage and sex is in reality.

The decision to allow or prohibit marriage at any age should not be based on age itself but on the aspect whether the person knows that marriage is a lifetime commitment and that divorce is not always an easy way out and should not be taken lightly.

There are many adults who get married in Disneyland, which reduce a very adult ceremony into something that is childish with cartoon characters as witnesses.

Today we live in a society that disregards teenage pregnancies, develops day care centers in high schools, shakes his head at the notion of teenage cohabitation and still does not allow teens to be allowed to married either.

However there is no place where the legal marriage of people under the age of majority is allowed without the written consent of at least one parent.

In many places sixteen year olds can get married legally if they have the permission of both their parents, and in some other places the age limit is even lower.


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