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In other instances, identifying the gap is an indication of good critical analysis and can score you extra points.

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During the second stage of your reading, you can then take a more critical, in-depth look at your sources. When writing a dissertation literature review, an essential thing to consider is identifying the research gap.

Identifying the gap is particularly important if your review forms part of a research proposal, as it will highlight the pertinence of your research – assuming that your research has been designed to fill this gap.

"In a literature review, you're aiming to summarise and provide a critical analysis of the research arguments you have found in your readings, without making new contributions to the literature.

Hence the term: “literature There tends to be confusion between literature reviews and academic papers in general, but they are not one and the same.

To help you choose your sources appropriately, you might want to think about the parameters and objectives of your research. In your literature review, what theoretical issues or perspectives do you aim to tackle? Will you focus on mainly qualitative or quantitative studies, or a mixture of both?

These general questions should help guide you in selecting your sources and again, remember that the abstract of a source is a very useful tool.Does this interpretation differ considerably from other viewpoints in the literature?This is the sort of critical engagement expected in a literature review.Whilst in some cases a dissertation literature review can be a simple summary of important sources, most often it requires you to critically engage with the text to convey your opinions of it, as well as any critiques that you may have.What is your interpretation of a particular source?A literature review may also provide a thorough and critical outline of the intellectual developments in a field with a focus on major, and often polemical, debates.In other scenarios, a literature review may also provide an assessment of a source and inform a reader about its validity, pertinence and relevance to the research subject.In a literature review, you're aiming to summarise and provide a critical analysis of the research arguments you have found in your readings, without making Now that we know what a literature review is, the next step is to understand the point of writing one in the first place.Like it or not, a literature review is an essential part of any academic piece of writing, as it demonstrates to your tutor or reader that you have a nuanced understanding of the sources concerning your research area or question.Next, you think about any gaps in the research or literature you have used, and finally, you write your review using all the preparation and information gathered in the steps prior.To write a good dissertation literature review, you need to have a fair idea of what sources you would like to review.


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