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Sometimes, to do things right for your nonprofit, you just need something to get started.

Sometimes, to do things right for your nonprofit, you just need something to get started.

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A startup's business plan may be quite brief, while a mature nonprofit plan may be quite long.

Business plan formats for nonprofits vary according to the type of organization, but several elements seem to show up frequently. A gift chart is a simple planning tool you can use for any fundraising campaign.

Gift charts are based on the fact that most of your donations will come from a small number of donors. Eighty percent of your fundraising campaign results come from twenty percent of your donors.

The gift chart helps you figure out how many donors, large and small, to target for any fundraising goal. You may just post one online for everyone to see or email a digital one to the news media.

Evaluating what worked and what didn't can be crucial for your funding and your project.

Here's how to write the ​evaluation section of your grant proposal. Perhaps the best way to understand a needs statement is to look at a successful one.

Not sure just what kind of proposal you should send and to whom?

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What's the best way to get ready to write your mission statement? Today's mission statements are very different than they were even a few years ago.

Charities now realize that a mission statement is not just for insiders and funders, but are great branding tools as well.


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