Cardiovascular Case Studies

Cardiovascular Case Studies-55
Readers should not have to resort to the Internet or to out-of-date textbooks to find basic background information explaining the reasons for approaching the case in that way; the reasons should be fully explained in the article itself.

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Nearly 66% of all people diagnosed with heart failure or other CVD including hypertension report using CAMs.

These patients are therefore at increased risk for side effects from interactions with the CAMs and prescribed pharmaceutical agents as well as nonadherence that could occur when taking multiple medications.

Case Studies should act as instructive examples to people who might encounter similar problems.

As a whole, then, Case Studies should be an informative and useful part of every physician's medical education, both during training and on a continuing basis.

Her medications include the following: Despite these medications, her BP remains elevated.

She adheres to her diet but admits to indulging at times.

It's debatable whether they always achieve this aim.

Many journals publish what are often close to anecdotal reports (if they publish articles on individual cases at all), rather than detailed descriptions of a case; furthermore, the cases described are often esoteric or the conditions present on such an infrequent basis that a physician working outside a teaching-hospital environment would be hard-pressed to apply their new knowledge.

The FDA also does not require evidence of purity, quality or composition prior to marketing of the majority of CAMs.

Thus there is significant absence of standardization of these products on the market and even among products from a single manufacturer.


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