Business Transition Planning

The layout includes a checklist to help you create and track your transition timeline.Download Role Transition Plan Template Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet Calculate the time needed for each aspect of a transition with this employee transition plan template.

Enter your estimates for the amount of time required for training, transferring assignments, and other activities, and the calculator will automatically show the breakdown along with the overall timeline.

This template can also be used by incumbents to track the amount of time spent on various tasks so that successors can get an idea of the responsibilities and time commitments required for a given job.

Finally, thanks to our extensive relationships with private equity groups across North America, we will secure the necessary debt and/or equity financing and ensure all the legal and due diligence of the transaction is completed successfully.

We recognize the sensitivity of transactions involving management buyouts.

Find out what constitutes a good financing package and discover the 5 main sources of financing.

At CIBC, we have worked on business transitions and planning with many companies in different stages of growth and development.

Discover why it's crucial to plan ahead and find out the six planning steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition.

Find out the three main options for selling or passing on your business, the pros and cons of each and advice on how to conduct each type of transition.

We work on behalf of management to assist you throughout the process, evaluate the business, negotiate the price and structure of the transaction, determine the appropriate capital structure and raise the required financing.

Given that management-led buyouts may require equity financing, our extensive relationships with private equity groups across North America enable us to find the best possible partner on the right terms for you.


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