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If you've never managed a contractor before, it can be a lot of work.Check in often with your consultant, and make sure you're both working off the same set of expectations.Most of our consultants have hands-on experience starting and growing their own businesses. It’s more important than ever for a business plan to make the right first impression. When the plan was done, I circulated it among the other Partners here at Veritas as an example of what a business plan should look like.

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Save yourself hassles later by agreeing upfront on how you'll handle the need for redoing parts of the plan. There are many great books out there that can help you look at your business's attraction to investors. There are also software products that will lead you through many parts of the analysis that you aren't familiar with. comes with several sample business plans, a manual to help you understand what goes into a plan and software to walk you through the writing of each section.

While it can't do your research for you, it can help you figure out what questions to ask and where to find the answers.

We help crystalize your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets, and plan for business scalability. We need to interview you to understand how well you have developed your vision, and see what existing materials and research are available.

And then we help you express it in a compelling package – whether it’s a business plan, pitch deck, PPM (working with your attorney), financial forecast, Business Model Canvas, elevator pitch, or executive summary – that is most appropriate for your specific situation and target audience. We also need to agree on who is going to be responsible for what.

Having said that, here is a typical business plan outline: In practice, some of these sections may be omitted or combined for brevity – for example, Market and Marketing are often combined, as are Competition and Competitive Advantages.

Business plans for unique industries may require additional sections.

A consultant may help design the plan, but you'll have to make it come to pass.

If you get six months into things and the business isn't materializing, the consultant will be long gone, and your best chance at adapting will be knowing what assumptions underlie your plan and revising them based on reality.

We don’t use cookie-cutter business plan templates – we develop your plans from scratch to ensure you tell your unique story in the most compelling way possible. This is a lot of work and will require a full-time commitment for weeks or months.

Many entrepreneurs feel it makes more sense to focus on building the business.


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