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The importance of a business continuity plan should be self-evident.

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It’s not a risk that can be ignored, which is why there is a strong need to create a plan of action.These can be any number of risks, from natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, etc., to other man-made risks, such as cyberattacks, which are outside of normal operating conditions.In other words, business continuity is just what it sounds like: maintaining business functions, or responding quickly to resuming them, if there is a major disruption to that business.Business Continuity Planning is best conducted by following industry standards and best practices.Business continuity management (BCM) is a whole of business approach to ensure critical business functions can be maintained, or restored in a timely fashion, in the event of material disruptions arising from internal or external events.Unitrends launches free online disaster recovery planning tool Unitrends has announced BC/DR Link, a free online service tool that enables companies worldwide to ‘quickly and easily build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan’.Avalution extends Catalyst business continuity software with automatic business continuity metrics Avalution Consulting has announced the release of a new feature, ‘Catalyst Insights’, for its Catalyst business continuity software suite.It’s like having the fire extinguisher behind glass, only to be broken in case of an emergency.You set it up once, then don’t have to think about it until you do, in which case you’ll sure be glad you installed that fire extinguisher. There will always be aspects of potential risks that are beyond your ken, but that’s why they’re called risks. Make a comprehensive list of what threats are likely to impact your business.A BCP/DRP is a document, developed in advance, that contains arrangements and procedures that enable an organisation to respond to an event in such a manner that critical business functions continue with planned levels of interruption A BCP/DRP should contain the following fundamental information as a minimum: It is impossible to develop a contingency plan for every possible threat to your business, however if you ensure the fundamental aspects are catered for – Roles and Responsibilities, Contact Information, Critical Functions and Priorities Identified – you’re providing an environment to appropriately manage the vast majority of crisis scenarios faced in business today.Database driven Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Software has earned its place in some organizations, however complex and expensive software can be problematic for organizations that do not have a team of business continuity and disaster recovery planning professionals on staff.


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