Books Are Better Than Computers Essay

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When I was in high school, e Books emerged and some of my classmates used digital textbooks.They read from their laptops, tablets, and even their phones when we read aloud in class.

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We would like to see developers make more user-friendly e-readers, and authors and publishers learn to fully utilize of the potential of the e-book.

It all started with a project at Uppsala University Library in Sweden called ‘Mobile Academics’, where we held seminars on how to use the library’s e-resources on a tablet computer and gave tips on different apps to use when studying.

Is this why students prefer to print out their electronic textbooks?

We suspected it was habit and attitude rather than measurable cognitive effort during reading that made people prefer print texts, but we needed evidence.

Habit and attitude appeared to be important, and a digitally born textbook is by far the best alternative to a print textbook when it comes to studying.

But even those who prefer to read on screens are originally native paper readers, and as long as the existing application interfaces cannot address the shortcomings of screens regarding spatial landmarks, we will keep returning to paper under certain circumstances.

But when you need to remember what you read, print is better. One study had participants read the same story, one group read on paperback and another on a device.

They then were asked to put the events of it in chronological order and the e-reader group performed worse.

We chose to focus on the articles that were more current, since studies made on screens from 1985 cannot be compared with the studies made on today’s screens.

It is not only the devices that have evolved, either: people have, too.


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