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Typically it takes about 30 minutes and works with groups of between 5 and 12. The team is given a set of shapes with 2 of the set removed.

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Safety should be the number one priority when using blindfolds games.

Follow this link Colour Blind is a team problem solving activity.

Works well with groups of 6-12 and takes about 30 minutes. A blindfolded person is lead by a sighted person, at first across a level grass area, then around increasingly complex soft obstacles such as through a pattern of balls or round markers.

Leading can be with physical contact at first, progressing to voice leading only.

Team members take it in turn to walk the line whilst blindfolded.

The aim being to walk the full length of the line without putting foot wrong.I, on the other hand, like the idea of the first time we see each other being during the ceremony…I feel like it’s supposed to be an emotional moment I guess. I’ve been perusing pinterest (probably way more than I should.. ) and I really like the idea of a blindfolded first look, it seems like the best of both worlds. The blindfolds bit comes in because only team members wearing blindfolds can touch the tent.Sighted team members can only direct others typically working 1:1 with the team members wearing blindfolds.The group stand around the room and one person, the sentinel, is seated in the middle and wears a blindfolds.Players take it in turns to retrieve objects from the floor without making a sound. Then give them walking instructions along the lines of 2 steps forward, 5 right etc.Ask everyone to wear blindfolds then give the rope to one of the team members. The robot is in the marked zone and scores points by picking up paper balls and then throwing them at the other robots in the zone.Ask the team to put the rope on the ground in shape of the largest square possible. The controller is outside the zone and directing their robot verbally as to where to find the paper balls and then which direction to throw them in. Make a line out of rope laid on a lawn, start with 5m but could work up to 10m.The sighted person is well placed to support the person and to watch out for their safety.Typcially I would set aside 30 minutes for this activity with participants swapping roles about half way through.


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