Bad Effects Of Watching Tv Essay

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A great concern has arisen over the fact that television viewing for young children is harmful to the child's language development, level of creativity, and rate of imagination.Studies have been carried out to show how cognitive, affective, behavioral, and effects of physical nature come as a result of children watching television.

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They should also be advised on how they can be selective in accepting the things they see on TV.

Programs need to be altered to suit the requirements of children and thus the parents, teachers, institutions of learning, and civic groups have been given the mandate to see to it that all programs are increased to accommodate the needs of the needs of children who are from different age groups.

Parents should also limit the length of time their children spend watching TV programs.

Psychiatrists have pointed out that most of the young children who learn from watching television as an incidental process all together.

Individuals have different personal experiences when watching the television programs.

There are those children who detach themselves from the screen and view the program critically while some of them get terrified from just watching the fictional demonic stories presented by the characters.

Control measures should be from within the youngster watching the television.

Children still need guidance on what kind of program they are allowed to be watching at what age.

There are several things that should linger in the minds of parents when they sit down with their family to watch a program.

Watching violent scenes in the television programs by youngsters makes them violent in nature.


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