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In order to snap me out of my daze one of my siblings always had to come to my room and physically shake me.That was the level at which I was engrossed To my dismay my mother refused to let me watch television until all my siblings were finished with their homework too.

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One of the most talented, yet mentally ill artists of all time was Vincent Van Gogh.

He was also from the 19th century belonging to the post-impressionists.

After the first few chapters, I had become its victim.

I couldn’t stop reading because the book had me hooked.

The book was a tragic story about a young African American girl who believes she is ugly and wishes for blue eyes.

The society she lives in does nothing to convince her otherwise, and in fact it helps confirm her belief.

My plan wasn’t working, as she was too busy cooking to notice my defiant act.

That’s when I looked down at the shelf where the videocassettes were kept. It seemed like the book only showed up in my presence whenever I had nothing else to do, hoping that this would be the time I would be bored enough to read it.

It is documented that he felt that art should be different from the real world, which can be cold and harsh. ” and “There are enough unpleasant things in the world.” An example of his attitude towards art can be seen in ‘A Girl with a Watering Can’ from 1876.

This picture can easily be interpreted as being beautiful and therefore it proves that his belief of art is true.


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