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People getting ready to leave the military can enter their separation date so vetted employers can reach out to them.Weiss said he and Kletzing plan to keep improving the site as it grows.

Maude Complex employs about 3,300 military, civilian and contract workers.

Lieutenants and Captains are all managed by post-company command Captains.

In fact, asking your Assignment Officer to reveal protected information puts him in a bad ethical position, please don’t.

Unfortunately, the Branches have control over very few of the jobs they receive for each rank.

Current and transitioning troops now have Rally Point, which officially launched on Veterans' Day after roughly a year of beta testing.

Created by Yinon Weiss, who was a Marine scout and sniper platoon leader before becoming an Army Special Forces officer, and Aaron Kletzing, a West Point grad and fire support officer, the "Linked In for the Military" helps service members visualize where their contacts are in the scope of the entire Department of Defense.Further, I think most people hesitate to engage with their Assignment Officer because they really don’t know who is on the other end of the phone. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) has completed its Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) move to Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Robert Stevenson, Fort Knox Visual Information. This misconception occurs mostly in the junior officer years but rest assured, your Assignment Officer is an experienced and very successful member of your Branch.Hopefully this post provides you some clarity about who is helping you navigate your career. And the civilians who work in the Branch offices have years of experience, sometimes decades, and were often active duty themselves, so they know the deal.The Major and Lieutenant Colonel populations are managed by senior Majors and promotable LTCs who will likely go on to command battalions following their HRC assignment.Finally, the Branch Chiefs are successful post-command LTCs, most of whom have prior HRC experience. Assignment Officers have no role in promotion boards or selection panels for fellowships and such.When told that an Amazon review for the book mentioned that it should be given out to everyone transitioning from the military, Abrams said he and his co-authors would love that.It's a long process he said, but they're talking to the right people.The site is meant to help service members take control of their careers, by seeing what positions are open, similar to the Army's Assignment Satisfaction Key or Air Force's virtual Military Personnel Flight.They can also explore how taking a specific position might enhance one's overall career, and who can be contacted about the position.BNRs have lost favor in recent years because that they wreak havoc on the ability to predict the number of available jobs for each Distribution Cycle.No longer can a Brigade Commander Colonel (or even a Brigadier General) sign a BNR memo and expect Branch to automatically fulfill it – we don’t have the authority to do so.


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