Argumentative Essay Science Or Religion

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It studies historical and contemporary interactions between these fields, and provides philosophical analyses of how they interrelate.This entry provides an overview of the topics and discussions in science and religion.

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The second aspect is very ancient but science came in to existence in the sixteenth century.

From the act of shaving in the morning to the action of lighting up in the evening every part of the man’s life is deeply related to science.

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The relationship between religion and science is the subject of continued debate in philosophy and theology.

To what extent are religion and science compatible?In science we advance from the particular to the general. It has three aspects (a) Church (b) the creed (c) the code of personal morals.These aspects are varying in degree and in importance in different times and different places.Section 1 outlines the scope of both fields, and how they are related.Section 2 looks at the relationship between science and religion in three religious traditions, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.Are religious beliefs sometimes conducive to science, or do they inevitably pose obstacles to scientific inquiry?The interdisciplinary field of “science and religion”, also called “theology and science”, aims to answer these and other questions.To a stranger, science and religion are two conflicting force of life.Science and religion have their own scope and functions.For him science is contrary to religion and hits it hard.A theologian believes in their finality but a scientist there is nothing final.


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