Apa Research Paper On Healthcare

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A regular lifestyle of modern young people is associated with the constant and well-considered ruining of their own health.

You may have fun but you should always take care of your body! If you like our health care research paper, you should also look through our Essay on Health Care in America.

The research indicates that there are strategies, which implement the competitiveness between a few hospitals and the evaluation of their services in order to determine the effectiveness compared with the other one, and strategies, which implement cooperation between a few establishments (Amaria 103).

Besides the factor of competitiveness, healthcare establishments focus on their products in order to promote their services.

The healthcare domain is not an exception, and there are many medicines and services from many providers, each of whom needs to put efforts in order to assure potential clients that his or her company provides the best products.

There exist many approaches to marketing in the healthcare, which include advertisements, public relations, cooperation with other organizations and patients care (Sciulli and Missien 21).The research has also demonstrated that among the criteria that influence the choice of the hospital made by the patient, on a par with the quality of services are also the location of the establishment, its reputation, and equipment.Thus, it is important for representatives of the healthcare domain to reach for a high quality of provided services since people tend not to endanger their health.Ultimately, the quality of the service and the variety of the offered products on a par with the affordable price can encourage more people to come to the particular hospital.Marketing in the healthcare industry does not only aim at gaining more money through the attraction of more clients, but it also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the provided services and to improve them.It is also aimed at evaluation of the effectiveness of the provided services and their further improvement.In addition to traditional commercial marketing a new tendency of social marketing is gaining more and more popularity.The research demonstrates that there are already visible benefits from the social marketing, which are revealed in effect on people with addictions, including alcohol and drug abuse (Aras 420).Thus, the social marketing helps to draw the attention of the society to particular health problems and to motivate people for healthy behavior.The research emphasizes that social marketing has arisen from the combination of two ways of achieving social awareness, which include education and the coercion (Aras 420).The social marketing implements a complex of actions, including describing of the problem, creating a social marketing programme strategy and the plan of further steps, based on the identification of target audience and its needs, evaluation of this program, and its implementation (Aras 420).


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