Ap Essay Questions For Wuthering Heights

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Equus is a timeless classic and a cornerstone of contemporary drama that delves into the darkest recesses of human existence.

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In Chapter 11, Joanna tells Christmas the story of her family.

Abolitionists with New England roots, the Burdens are tolerated but never accepted in Jefferson.

SEMESTER WORK 1) Review your written responses for commonalities. 3) Compare some earlier papers with papers written more recently. Consider such things as distractions during class (phone/talking/other work you’re doing instead), scheduling, navigating Canvas, etc. —What would you need to do to move this essay into the next score range?

MOCK EXAM Review your mock exam and respond to the following questions. 3) Overall, what would help you feel more confident on the exam?

by Henrik Ibsen Norwegian-born Henrik Ibsen’s classic play about the struggle between independence and security still resonates with readers and audience members today.

Often hailed as an early feminist work, the story of Nora and Torvald rises above simple gender issues to ask the bigger question: To what extent have we sacrificed our selves for the sake of social customs and to protect what we think is love?

Joanna’s grandfather Calvin and his namesake, her half-brother also named Calvin, are shot to death by Colonel Sartoris “over a question of negro voting.” Joanna is the only surviving member of the Burden family in Jefferson when Christmas arrives. First, consider some of the motifs Faulkner has been tracing throughout the novel.

Obviously, race is a primary motif—how the races interact, what the common attitudes were at the time, how different characters react to questions of race, etc. In what ways are the characters isolated from others? Is this isolation self-selected or imposed upon them? How the characters identify themselves, or push against the identities placed on them by others, reveals much about their choices and actions.

Consider such things as practice items, workshop, tutoring, etc.

When you have finished your reflection, please file your mock exam in your class portfolio. Remove any extraneous papers that do not relate directly one of the exam questions, i.e. Keep the copies of your Six Pack Sheets and Window Notes from your play’s lit circle for review before the exam.


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