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Lady Macbeth and Macbeth use a number of shared lines in Act 2 Scene 2 when Macbeth returns from murdering Duncan.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth use a number of shared lines in Act 2 Scene 2 when Macbeth returns from murdering Duncan.

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Rhetoric can no more be avoided in daily speech or in writing than Molière’s Monsieur Jourdain could avoid using prose.

Whilst it looks as though we are moving into a domain that calls for unwandering attention and memory feats since it bristles with discouraging derivations from the Greek and the Latin, figures of rhetoric are but an creation of scholars interested in putting into order spontaneous speech acts.

An inclination to resort to similes (fully formulated comparisons) rather than metaphors (incomplete comparisons) – see Rhetoric is traditionally divided into three branches and five parts.

The three branches classify eloquence according to the circumstances in which, and aims for which, speech is being used, each branch developing its appropriate style.

Muir also refers to Mgr Kolbe, who sees the play as picturing ‘a special battle in a universal war’, the war between sin and grace, with a ‘two-fold contrast . What I wish to say in the present essay is related to the general conception of antithesis: and, more particularly, it is related to the themes identified and analysed by L.

In Shakespeare’s plays you will find examples of antithesis, which is when two You can use the activities in the videos on this page with students, to explore the language in the play as you work through it.The activity which is used to explore iambic pentameter will be very useful in understanding rhythm and structure.A shared line tells us a lot about the relationship between two characters.The document presented strays from the form of a traditional historical or literary paper to assume the shape of an analytical catalogue of the most frequent (and some rarer) figures of rhetoric used by Shakespeare in the play.While it is true that rhetoric, conceived as the art of persuasion, is met under various forms and preferences in all ages, it is a less calculated pursuit in our world.Shakespeare and his contemporaries were systematically taught rhetoric in the grammar school and it offered therefore a more conscious resource than it does nowadays.The high concentration of a type of figure goes a long way to establish the general atmosphere of the play world or define the profile of a character.S’il est vrai que la rhétorique, conçue comme l’art de la persuasion, se rencontre sous diverses formes à toutes les époques, elle est moins consciemment cultivée dans notre monde.Shakespeare et ses contemporains en acquéraient l’emploi dans l’enseignement secondaire, et elle se présentait donc comme une ressource plus évidente pour eux.Le document présenté s’éloigne de la forme traditionnelle de l’article historique ou littéraire.Il s’agit d’un catalogue analytique des figures les plus fréquentes – et de certaines plus rares – de la rhétorique de l’élocution utilisées par Shakespeare pour sa pièce.


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