Antique Store Business Plan

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A Virginia dealer was out for a drive on a beautiful fall day, but not out scouting.

A Virginia dealer was out for a drive on a beautiful fall day, but not out scouting.

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One method is to tape a piece of paper with your name on it to the seat.

The second reason for arriving early is to look over the merchandise.

Also, each piece you sell must be quickly replaced with another.

So, how can you develop a system that will provide you with a continuous, reliable source of antiques at substantial discounts? Some dealers, especially those who man-age their shops alone and don't have time for much scouting on their own, employ a small army of what are known in the business as "pickers." Many dealers take in antiques on consignment.

This how-to guide will show you the secrets of the pros.

Gadbois lays out the entire process in a step-by-step easy to read format, materials list, and includes tips, tricks and a troubleshooting chapter with plenty of full color photographs throughout the book.

Any antiques auction offers the potential for finding good buys, but for real bargains you can't beat the ones held in the country.

The farther the auction is from a large town, e better your chances will be to come home with your car full of treasures at rock bottom prices.

They're the ones who look so serious that you'd think they ere in the middle of a business conference.

They enjoy the auctions, but they don't get emotional about them, as do most bidders who aren't dealers.


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