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Though he believes that he and his sons are great men, his flawed character perverts his idealistic vision of success and happiness.The idea that "personality wins the day" is one such flaw in Willy's logic.It is through Biff that the reader sees Willy’s disillusionment.

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It is a satirical play that highlights the life of Willy Loman, the main character, a travelling salesman who has worked for Wagner Company for thirty-four years and ends up a failure because it is not his trade to be a salesman. Willy spends his entire life trying to be a successful salesman, like his mentor Mr.

Dave Singleman who was a successful and popular business man.

He is the only member of the family to finally escape from the poisonous grasp of illusion.

One of Miller's secondary themes is the idea of the American Dream.

Willy feels that he must live up to the standard that Ben has set, but this is found to be impossible by the end of the play.

Only Biff ever realizes who he is ("a dime a dozen") and what his potential really is.But unfortunately, Willy never understands this, and so goes to his grave never truly realizing where he went a figurative play that uses death not only symbolically represent physical/mortal death but also to allude to the death of personal dreams, wishes and persona aspirations. Willy is a delusional character whose search for higher ideals, far higher than he can attain leads to his disillusionment.Death of A Salesman has several themes that run throughout the play.The most obvious theme is the idea of reality versus illusion.Biff, Willy’s eldest son, and the two enjoy a love hate.During his childhood, biff adores his father but later comes to loathe him upon discovering that his father had lead him to live a lie.Though he's a disrespected salesman, he calls himself the "New England man." Though Biff has done nothing with his life by the age of thirty-four, Willy tells others and tries to make himself believe that his son is doing big things" out west.Willy's brother, Ben, continually appears in the troubled man's mind, offering hints on how to make it in the world of business.The result is that he ends up a failure and decides to kill himself hoping the insurance premium will benefit his family.This play is to some extent a reflection of Arthur Miller’s life.


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