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It was a tough essay to write, and is a subject so personal that I never even share it with my closest friends.The school I wrote the essay for ended up interviewing me, so I assume it's fine to be as personal as you want.(Can't donate blood, too many "foreign" substances :[) This disadvantage has carried onto my early childhood but as a result of this I have a desire to practice rural medicine.

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A colony of smooth strain bacteria is grown on a culture containing an experimental drug that cleaves nucleic acid base sequences wherever adenine is paired with uracil.

Which of the following processes will be directly affected?

Thank you so much for offering to read it :)I would be honest about the situation.

For me, both of my parents grew up in a rural town and had limited access to medical care.

Don't editorialize: I got an F because my Dad drove me crazy, for example, just state what you Dad did and the Ad Com will be able to infer/read between the lines.

I have yet to read a reply to this question where I feel like the applicant is trying to ham it up for acceptance.Hey, sorry I've been lagging on sending you mine.I'm still weary of sharing because it just doesn't read right yet :/ I'll send it along shortly, I want to work on my tone just a little more before people read it.I'm going to pm my essay pretty shortly, I just want to work with it a little more before other people read it.It's still bugging me that it doesn't sound right :/I would be very, very cautious.I talked about my fathers alcoholism during my youth and the effect it had on me.I talked about how the hardest challenge I ever had to overcome was being able to forgive him for his mistakes and flaws.What would be "too personal" to share and what types of things are more typical or appropriate to share? I want to avoid sounding desperate, needy, or like I'm " reverse bragging." But by trying to avoid that, I feel like my tone has become cold, distant, and oddly factual. I would really appreciate any advice or opinions :)thank you for your wonderful replies, I really appreciate the help Typing from my phone, please excuse typos and brevity.One of my secondaries asked a similar question and I answered it honestly as I could.The medical problems that were ignored during their teenage years have carried on in their adult lives and will impact them every day.As a result, I was a pretty sick baby and was very lucky to not have died when I contracted TB, Hep B, and pneumonia to name a few.


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