Advertisement Analysis Assignment

Advertisement Analysis Assignment-3
Get them to identify the element that pushes this argument.After they have successfully determined the element, ask them to determine why.

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Teachers should first select a piece for analysis and then ask students to interpret the piece in the classroom.

Before starting an analysis as a class, ask students to write their interpretations down independently.

If, for instance, they think the ad uses bright colors to make consumers think the product is youthful, get them to say why. Will it make the viewer think the product is fun and youthful? Get them to push their justification as far as they can — so they can see just how deep analysis can and should go.

Getting students to dig into the reasons why their evidence proves their arguments helps them see the level of analysis they need to fully develop a point.

It is very effective because it shows that the high class The ad gives the viewer a sense that men are encouraged to take what they want at their own convenience.

This ad objectifies women in a way that makes them seem pathetic and vulnerable.For example, your students could analyze the intent of an advertisement.If students believe the ad argues it will make someone appear more youthful, get them to state that.In this advertisement Mc Donalds is advertising one of the value meals on their menu.The target audience that Mc Donalds is aiming the advertisement to is middle to upper-class people.Is it the rippling, glistening 10-pack abs of the aggressive half-naked males, or is it the utter calmness and still flawless physique of the women being held down?I believe that this advertisement is a good depiction of the some of the gender roles and sexist mindsets that our media is embedding into the youth of our generation.Most students struggle with analysis — observing a set of facts and interpreting what they mean.Given that almost any writing assignment, from a middle school book report to a doctoral dissertation, requires analysis, it’s incumbent on teachers to help students improve their analytical skills.Students often do a fairly decent job of identifying facts to analyze, but they fall short of generating a complete analysis that draws a persuasive conclusion from those facts.The key to closing this gap is to teach the fundamentals of analysis outside a writing assignment.


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