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Most of all, they express the challenges of being a woman in a world where it only takes a mere scratch of the surface to reveal hostility and deep discomfort about women’s ever-strengthening public voice.

A consistent theme across feminist memoirs is the need to focus on the act of speaking up and overcoming the cultural forces that silence women.

The phrase “the personal is political” has been entwined with the feminist movement since the 1970s.

The idea that every individual woman’s experience speaks to broader social and political structures that affect women has encouraged feminist writers to disclose something of themselves as they have agitated for gender equality.

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In the past decade, the internet has buoyed the visibility of feminist debate in the popular media.

Feminist writers including Clementine Ford, Laurie Penny, Lindy West and Jessica Valenti, are well known for their contributions to major newspapers, dedicated women’s sites such as Daily Life, Jezebel and Feministing, and radio and television interviews.


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