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Gene appears to understand the reality of war and how it affects people.

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Finny’s reality comes into making up his own rules while eluding the real rules.

In doing so no one ever really holds Finny responsible to make him abide by the real rules.

It is the moment when his emotions achieve their most powerful sway over him, and afterward when you say to this person ” the world today” or “life” or “reality” he will assume that you mean this moment, even if it is fifty years past.

The world, through his unleashed emotions, imprinted itself upon him and he carries the stamp of that passing moment forever.

There is a reality known by Gene that is headed by Gene’s best friend, Finny.

Finny has his own reality that he creates and exists in is the separate peace spoken of earlier.

” This game consists of jumping of the limb of a tree into the river by Devon. “We were standing on a limb, I a little farther out than Finny.

As the game is invented, both Finny and Gene, agree to start it by being the first ones to jump out of the tree into a river. I turned to say something else, some stalling remark, something to delay even a few seconds more, and then I realized that in turning I had begun to lose my balance?

Nathan Gourley Pd2 4/25/00 In John Knowles book A Separate Peace he communicates how the war in him was taking its toll on him.

He uses the characters in a complicated plot to show the destructive forces of war.


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